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 » MONDAY 21.10.2019 
MONDAY 21.10.2019 :: 
25 YEARS OF M4 Sludge Metal / Doom Metal

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Conan (UK) + UN (US) + Sixes (US)
Sludge Metal / Doom Metal
» Conan (Doom / Sludge)
Conan  are  as  heavy  as  interplanetary  thunder  amplified  through  the  roaring  black  hole  anus  of  Azathoth.  Remember  that  sentence,  for  it  is  writ  large  in  virgin  blood  on  the  walls  of  the  forgotten  temple  of  Bol-Krastor,  deep  in  the  steaming  forests  of  forgotten  Lemuria.     Conan,  a  monumentally  brutal  three  piece  (in  the  grand  tradition  of  all  the  hallowed  three  pieces  through  time)  hold  a  sinew-tight  line  and  an  iron-grip  command  ...
» UN (Doom)
  UN is a doom metal band from Seattle, WA. UN received critical praise from across the heavy metal underground for their groundbreaking sophomore opus, “Sentiment” (released September 28, 2018 via Translation Loss Records). Praised by Decibel Magazine, Metal Injection, Revolver Magazine, Stereogum, and more, Sentiment earned widespread recognition and became 2018’s most sought after doom record.    Unafraid to reveal somber themes of tragedy, sorrow, and isolation, UN fueled each note of ...
» Sixes (Doom)
Sixes are a blackened doom/sludge band from Southern California. Active since 2016, the band performs an aggressively depressing sound heavily based in drug abuse and misery. They are known to elicit the statement of "Worship Amps Not Gods" as part of their ethos.   Sixes began sometime in 2016 with the intent of creating crushing misanthropic doom. With a lineup established, shirts and patches made, the band would eventually release their first single on 16 November 2016 entitled ...
ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4
 » OCTOBER 2019
 + SATURDAY 19.10.2019
25 YEARS OF M4 Hardcore Punk
Discharge (UK) + Visions Of War + Netra
 + MONDAY 21.10.2019
25 YEARS OF M4 Sludge Metal / Doom Metal
Conan (UK) + UN (US) + Sixes (US)
 + SATURDAY 26.10.2019
25 YEARS OF M4 - SHOWCASE LOUD  Festival / Loud Rock
Rope&Bones + Ox + Cosmic Monarch + Let it kill you
 + SUNDAY 27.10.2019
25 YEARS OF M4 Ska
The Slackers (US) + Flying Platane