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 » FRIDAY 15.11.2019 
Loka And The Moonshiners
FRIDAY 15.11.2019 :: 
Les Nuits Plasma - 25 YEARS OF M4 - Carte Blanche à Phoenician Drive Psychedelic / Krautrock / Drone
Slumberland + Bear Bones, Lay Low + Loka And The Moonshiners
Psychedelic / Krautrock / Drone
» Slumberland (Psych / Kraut)

‘Slumberland’ of musician and filmmaker Jochem Baelus
shows it doesn’t always has to be that way.
Hair dryers with harmonics, deformed knitting needles, super 8 projectors and a combination of drums and
sewing machines are the instruments at service, enriched by Baelus’ raw and raunchy guitar parts. Think Suicide, Swans and Silver Apples.

Early 2013 the Dutch indie record label ‘De Zesde Kolonne’ released the “Slumberland by Slumberland” LP,
followed by supports for Tindersticks, King Dude ...

» Bear Bones, Lay Low (Noise / Drone / Experimental)
Drone based sound that take your soul to put it in a Fuckin' dissonance of PsychedeliKezed Sound  Feel The Texturized Sound Of DE DRÖNZE They will change on the next time some amazing stuff appears and show you an other DimENSSION. Voice are not Flute are not the sound are not what you are sure but in HIS dimension The Abstract show YOU OTHER WAYS To Follow if you are attentive For.
» Loka And The Moonshiners (Garage Psych, Freak Folk, Tropical)
LoKa and the Moonshiners (tropical garage psych, freak folk) Borned from the desire of exploring territories where garage rock meets Congolese mutuashi, repetitive music and a kind of pop melancholy, LoKa and the Moonshiners cultivate his hypnotics riffs in this “voodoo” vibration whose musical flame has always been maintained from The Seeds to The Night Beats. On stage, LoKa and the Moonshiners perform at once a rock'n'roll and mesmerizing show. Among others, the band has ...