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 » SATURDAY 25.01.2020 
SATURDAY 25.01.2020 :: 
Sordide (FR) + Lectamynol + When Birds Hunt Horses + Moss Upon The Skull
Black Metal / Sludge
» Sordide (Black Metal)
» Lectamynol (Dark Metal / Sludge)
LECTAMYNOL started in january 2011 when Michiel G. (drums,before in  Grimaelkin,Carboram,...) and David S. (guitar,before in Neuthrone,Holefiller,TPOG,Grimaelkin,Möse,...) teamed up to satisfy their lust for ferocious trash mayhem.Later joined by Dieter R. (Trauma Exposure,Carboram,...) on bass and Dirk V.(Repression O.D.,All2ruin,D'onderhond...) on vocals,the onset of serious filth was at hand.   Combining backgrounds in diverse musical styles,and ripping them up along the way,the sound ...
» When Birds Hunt Horses (Sludge Metal / Horror soundtrack)
» Moss Upon The Skull (Death Metal)
  Belgium's MOSS UPON THE SKULL emerged in 2010 from the same swamps on which Brussels was founded, with the intent of playing unconventional, progressive death metal with a strong focus on philosophy, spiritualism, decay, and the mysteries of nature and the after-life.   After two promising EP's, the band is back with a revelatory first full-length, “In Vengeful Reverence”, heavily influenced by esoteric, alchemical principles and alternative history, as put forward by luminaries ...
ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4
 » JANUARY 2020
 + FRIDAY 31.01.2020
 Industrial / EBM
Rabia Sorda (MX/DE) + Moaan Exis (FR) + Feather Box