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FRIDAY 09.11.2018 :: 
Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (US) + Sandford Parker (US) + Gura
 » Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (US)  (Experimental / Noise / Sludge Metal)

It’s  been  three  rough  years  since  Mirrors  for  Psychic  Warfare  sprang  into  existence  with  their  startling  self-titled  debut,  but  don’t  think  for  a  second  that  the  time  was  spent  idle,  this  unit  (comprised  of  Neurosis’  Scott  Kelly  and  Producer  Sanford  Parker)  constructed  an  even  more  unnerving  and  destructive  record  with  “I  See  What  I  Became,”  I  know,  hard  to  believe.  Over  the  course  of  these  eight  bile-rich  pieces  a  sonic  abattoir  is  erected,  exploited,  and  razed.  Turbulence  rises  and  churns  giving  way  to  rhythmic  machinations,  lights  flicker,  a  grand  mal/guignol  seizure  besets  a  frog-headed  snitch,  blood  collects  in  a  stainless  steel  gutter.  Claustrophobic  sudor  that  evokes  all  you  held  dear  from  Skinny  Puppy,  Foetus,  Godflesh,  bath  tub  tina,  and  wondering  where  the  fuck  you  will  sleep,  provided  you  ever  do.  There’s  nothing  fun  here,  nothing  but  the  cold  of  an  autopsy  followed  by  the  heat  of  a  crematorium.  A  sliver  of  galvanized  bone  flies  from  a  circular  saw  into  the  toothless  maw  of  a  streetwalking  Kali  Yuga.  Good  or  bad,  I’m  not  sure  what  we  did  to  deserve  this.

 » Sandford Parker (US)  (Noise / Experimental)
 » Gura   (Doom / Sludge / Sludge doom noise freak jazz)
Belgian experimental sludge band GURA have been around since 2004. With only bass and drums laying out the blueprint of their music, they had a surprisingly rich musical vocabulary, adding mathematical and abstract (poly)rhythms to the mix. In 2014 GURA teams up with Ludo, a long-time Zorn-esque free jazz saxophone blower and vocalist, who immediately tuned in to the nobarriers vortex of controlled noise and structured chaos, opening the gates to aural multiverses of yet unknown power and frantic brink-ofmadness cacophony. With the duo expanded to a trio, they shaped their new album ‘Caligura’ showing the world the two sides of GURA: the first part of the album is a hectic soup of underground sound, an amalgamation of precise mathematical computing and spontaneous emotional melodies, supercharged with negative energy and an alldestroying rage towards the whole of creation. The second part brings a nearly unending chain of misanthropic doom riffs, a sullen mindscape that predicts nothing but the sense of barren isolation.
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 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 22:40  Mirrors for Psychic Warfare
    » 21:40  Sandford Parker
    » 20:45  Gura
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