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Michale Graves (US) + Witches of Doom (IT)

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Michale Graves (US)  (Horror Punk)
Michale Graves kicked in the door of the music scene in 1995 as the lead singer and songwriter of one of the most legendary punk rock bands of all time, The Misfits. Third of 3 videos produced, his song "Scream" was directed by George A. Romero, the same man who directed "Night of The Living Dead”. Michale appeared in Romero's film "Bruiser" performing "Fiend Without a Face" which was also penned by Graves specifically for Romero's film.  Michale continued to tour as usual aside of the days that he spent appearing and wrestling on Ted Turners' WCWs' Monday Nitro, Thursday Thunder and a pair of pay-per-views alongside his good friend Vampiro. In early 2000 Michale collaborated with Don Oriolo Jr. and wrote and recorded with him a song called “No More Moments” for his film “Campfire Stories” which starred David Johansen.  In 2001, Michale left The Misfits and went out on his own. He independently released a solo record entitled ‘Graves’ Web of Dharma supported by two American Tours. In 2003, Michale embarked on a new project he called ‘Gotham Rd’. The band played hundreds of raucous dates on the U.S. Club circuit.  While entertainment is at the heart of who he is as a performer, Graves is also a social and pop-culture media thought leader who has hosted as well as appeared on and in numerous broadcast and print properties including The Andrew Wilkow Show, The Sean Hannity Show, Adam Vs The Man, The Howard Stern Show, Truth Frequency Radio, Where Monsters Dwell, The Guardian, The New York Times and Rolling Stone Magazine.  In January of 2006, Michale announced a 55-city tour to promote previous Arkansas death row inmate Damien Echols book called, "Almost Home". 2006 also saw the release of Michale's sophomore solo album. Upon completion of that associated tour, Michale created a short film entitled "The Blackness and The Forest" that told the story of his "Almost Home Campaign" and the advocacy work he did for The West Memphis Three. Partnering with SOS Records in 2007, Michale released "Illusions" featuring 5 songs he wrote along with Damien Echols who is now a free man. A national acoustic tour soon followed to rave reviews.  Expanding upon his acting career, Michale appeared in the feature film "Perkins 14" as "Eric Ross" directed by Craig Singer as part of Horrorfests "8 Films To Die For". Michale also recorded new songs and a video, written and inspired by his filming experience on location in Romania including a collaboration with one of the film’s stars Patrick O'Kane. Those songs, along with live tracks from the acoustic Illusions tour, were released in October 2008. Graves and Singer would later collaborate again and create a music video for a unique version of the song ‘No Rain’ by Blind Melon.  After heading home from Romania Michale teamed up with Marky Ramone of ‘The Ramones’ and played together in a band called ‘Blitzkrieg’. They toured the world playing all the best classic songs that led up to the induction of "The Ramones" into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The lineup also garnered a spot at Rock In Rio. Michale penned 2 singles for the project, "When We Were Angels" and "If and When". An animated video was produced for 'Angels" and all proceeds from “Angels” benefits The Wounded Warrior Fund.  Michale continued to challenge himself and expand his creative energies embarking on a year stint in Little Rock, Arkansas acting as Senior Producer and Program Manager with Arkansas’ first 24/7 internet television station AR1.TV as well as hosting his own show dubbed “The Michale Graves Show”. The ‘Michale Graves Show’ blended pop culture, political discussion and music into one stream of consciousness. The shows genesis began with his ground-breaking radio program called “Radio Deadly” launched in 2006.  In 2012, Michale joined forces with Mark Allen Stuart and was named President & Managing Director of the Music Group of Hydraulic Entertainment. Over 20 album releases have occurred since that time. Videos, music and collaborations have built an enormous catalogue of sound and site.  Since 2016, Michale Graves has toured relentlessly with his band in support of the albums “When Worlds Collide” and “The World Turned Upsdide Down”. He’s also continued touring as a solo acoustic act in support of the albums “Bedlam” and “Backroads”. 2018 marked the return of Michale to Europe on the “Beginning of the End Tour”. When 2018 is, Michale Graves will have toured in 23 countries and played over 150 shows.  For nearly 2 decades Michale Graves has been entertaining, influencing and informing a growing audience world-wide. Driven by the pursuit of quality and harmony in everything that he is involved in, Michale has traveled the world - every continent except Antarctica – and has looked into the eyes and hearts of tens of thousands. His journey as an artist has ignited a passion, a passion that motivates his desire to reach out, create a dialogue and build a platform to discuss and interact on pop culture, people and the world around us.
 » Witches of Doom (IT)  (Gothic Doom)
Witches of Doom are a goth-stoner-doom band born in Rome in January 2013, when Federico Venditti –guitars-, DaniloPiludu –vocals- Jacopo Cartelli-bass- Andrea Budicin-drums- got together and started their own musical project in order to play a personalized mix of 80’s goth, 70’s hard rock blended with a 90’s sensibility that harks back to Type o’Negative and Moonspell among others. The Roman ensemble started to write their own material and in just a few months the bulk of the debut album was already panned out. Witches of Doom want to play in front of an audience and in Spring 2013 they embark on a series of live dates within the Roman circuit where they will establish their name as one of the hottest bands in the Roman underground music scene. In May 2013 the band finished arranging the ten tracks that will end up on their debut CD, “Obey” and in November they entered the Hombre Lobo Studios with Fabio Recchia as producer and sound engineer . The ten tracks recorded in those sessions represent a huge step forward, with defined arrangements thanks to the keyboard work of Fabio and Graziano “Eric”Corrado. The first names that spring to mind to give you an idea are Black Sabbath, Cult, Paradise,Lost, Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode. Obey is out in spring 2014. The band filmed a video for the crowd pleaser U2 song New Years Day, featuring Paul Bento –ex Type O Negative and Carnivore- on lead guitar and produced by Fredrik Folkaiare from Unleashed.  In 2016 the band releases their second release Deadlights, album that receives great acclaims from the public and the press. Following the release the band embarks on a series of tours in Europe and Italy supporting well known groups such as Blood Ceremony,Lizzard,Mpire of Evil (ex Venom) and Aborym etc. In February 2017 a cover version of the Joy Division classic Love will Tear Us Apart gets published via digital platforms.  Now Witches of Doom are writing new material for their well anticipated third album; a tentative release date could be the end of 2018.   La band romana Witches of Doom nasce nel Gennaio 2013, quando Federico Venditti –chitarra (ex Ossimoro), Danilo Piludu–voce, Jacopo Cartelli – basso e Andrea Budicin–batteria uniscono le proprie forze e le proprie esperienze musicali per dar vita ad una band di goth-stoner-doom rock, che spazia dai nomi tutelari anni 70 fino agli anni 90. Il combo capitolino inizia a provare subito pezzi propri, cercando una formula musicale più personale possibile. Dopo un paio di mesi le “Streghe” iniziano a calcare i palchi di molti club romani, mettendosi in mostra per la loro carica goth rock, facendosi le ossa con molti gruppi già affermati. Avendo composto più di dieci brani inediti, la band si concentra nell’arrangiamento degli stessi e ad inizio Novembre si rinchiude negli “HombreLobo Studios” con l’esperto Fabio Recchia (Nohaybanda trio, Gemanotta Youth) in cabina di regia, dando vita al debutto “Obey”. Dieci brani di puro goth-stoner-doom rock, che pesca e prende ispirazione dai Black Sabbath,Cult, Paradise Lost, Doors ma anche Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode e molti altri. Il sound del gruppo in sala di incisione ha avuto l’apporto delle tastiere di Fabio Recchia e Graziano “Eric”Corrado, donando un tocco in più al potente sound delle “Streghe”. A Febbraio 2014, in prossimità della fine del missaggio del disco, viene reclutato Graziano “Eric” Corrado in pianta stabile alle tastiere, in modo da essere pronti per l’intensa attività live per promuovere il disco, uscito a Maggio 2014. I Witches of Doom firmano nel Maggio 2014 per l’americana Sliptrick Records e suonano il nuovo disco live in Italia e in Nord Europa ricevendo molti feedback positivi. A Giugno 2015 esce il singolo del classico degli U2 “New Year’s Day” al quale segue un videoclip girato per l’occasione a Liepaja (Lettonia). Il brano viene prodotto da Frederik Folkare degli Unleashed, e con la partecipazione di Paul Bento alla chitarra solista (ex Type O Negative ed ex Carnivore). Il secondo album "Deadlights" vede la luce nel 2016 (Aprile, in digitale - Settembre in formato fisico). Il mix dell'album viene affidato nuovamente allo svedese Fredrik Folkare, già autore del mix del singolo precedente. Ottiene subito moltissimi passaggi radio, un ottimo responso di vendite e trova la band ad affiancare il disco con band come i francesi Lizzard, Blood Ceremony, Mpire of evil ( i due terzi degli storici Venom con Mantas e Demolition Man) e tantissime altre band. Dopo un altro tour con varie datr in Europa per supportare l'uscita del disco, alla fine del 2017 registrano un altro singolo-cover "Love will tear us apart" (storico brano dei Joy Division), realizzato, come il precedente, solo in supporto digitale. Registrato e mixato nel "Hombrelobo studio" così come era accaduto per il primo disco della band. Nel 2018 i witches of doom iniziano l'anno chiudendosi in studio per la composizione del terzo disco.
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