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SATURDAY 26.01.2019 :: 
Le Singe Blanc (FR) + Albatre (NL) + Missiles of October + OKGB
 » Le Singe Blanc (FR)  (Jazz Core / Noise / Alternative)
 » Albatre (NL)  (Jazz Core / Experimental / Improvisation)

Albatre are back for some more «display of urgent bass and sax noise, frantic but meticulous drumming and abrupt moodshifts», but this self-description doesn't say it all. Something changed in this Rotterdam- based band formed by two Portuguese, Gonçalo Almeida and Hugo Costa, and a German, Philipp Ernsting, since the release of "A Descent Into Maesltrom". They're still crossing post-Ornette Coleman free jazz with metal and punk, but now the music is more essential and minimalist, with everything reduced to the bone. And yet, the doom factor is enhanced as never before. The riffs are slowly (sometimes very, very slowly) repeated until you get hypnotized, a bit like Otomo Yoshihide's band Ground Zero used to do, and when something different happens – colorful harmonic cloud formations and harsh noise fusing in strange ways – it's like discovering a new planet. There's aspects of jazz- rock and of psychedelic and progressive rock going on, but what's really important is the final impact on your stomach: the music strikes you there directly. With "The Fall of the Damned", the jazzcore format goes to new territories.

 » Missiles of October   (Stoner / Noise)
Missiles of October is a Belgian band formed  in 2012 by 3 old guys who are playing a dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise rock! for fans of Unsane, Les Thugs, Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Black Flag, Mc Lusky, Unwound...
with 2 albums, 3 EP and +/- 90 crazy gigs in UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany, they get an impressive live reputation. 
They play with Whores., Big Business, Cosmic Psychos, Philm (usa), Progerians, Speedozer, Dÿse, 3 times with Jucifer (us), Hard Ons (Au), Grant National (De), Vandal-X (Be), Stinking Lizaveta (US), King Phantom (fr), Clarkys bacon (De), Don Vito (De), Anomalys (Nl), Membrane (fr),  Revok (fr), The Lumberjack Feedback (fr),  La jungle, Morkobot (it), Frau Blucher, L'effondras, Remote, Animal Youth , Nine eleven .....
 » OKGB   (Improvisation-groove-noise)

OKGB regroupe les membres de L'Oeil Kollectif, collectif de musiciens improvisateurs liégeois.
Chaque membre est actif dans des domaines très variés, allant de l'improvisation totale la plus libre, expérimentale, au jazz, au rock, en passant par la noise et le punk.

OKGB est né de l'envie de travailler plus régulièrement tous ensemble, avec cette instrumentation très particulière que peut être deux batteries et trois basses, augmentés de deux souffleurs, en improvisant autour du groove, du beat.


    » Presales - Préventes - Utick
 + ENTRANCE : 8€
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 23:15  Le Singe Blanc
    » 22:20  Albatre
    » 21:25  Missiles of October
    » 20:30  OKGB
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