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SUNDAY 26.05.2019 :: 
USA Nails (UK) + Dead Arms (UK) + Gunter Blast

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » USA Nails (UK)  (Punk / Noise Rock)

London based Kraut/Punk/Noise/Rock

 » Dead Arms (UK)  (Noise Punk)
Formed after the washed-out ending of Wet T-Shirt Competition (a band that got together after one drunken photograph at an ATP festival made us look “like we should be in a band” and actually managed to play the grand total of 3 gigs), Dead Arms retained bassist Danny 5 Bands (USA Nails), guitarist Phil Glitter (Death Pedals) and “vocalist” General Waste (It Often Takes A War) and recruited long term buddy and fellow Gamesmaster enthusiast Kitty Techno (November Fleet) on drums and started taking stuff (a little) more seriously.     With only 5 songs actually worth salvaging we set about creating a new ten song set that could be played in under 30mins (so we could get back to the bar) and would eventually form the entirety of our debut album ambitiously entitled ‘All The Hits’.     Taking cues from the likes of Hot Snakes, The Stooges and Nirvana we started hammering out aggressive straight ahead garage punk that wasn’t afraid to entice our audience to shake their butts and was a far cry from our more discordant peers in the London DIY scene that we’d all been an active part in for so long. (Amusingly, no one actually thinks we sound like any of those guys and instead hear tinges of The Jesus Lizard, OFF! and Part Chimp in our sound).     Having been putting on shows and playing in bands for well over a decade we’ve grown up with the ethos of DIY most eloquently described in the seminal music tome ‘Our Band Could Be Your Life’. Our former drummer in Wet T-Shirt Competition Dave Maintenance records, mixes and produces all our music in his hand built studio Bear Bites Horse in East London, Danny designs all our artwork, Phil organises all our gigs and hand-made all the CD sleeves for our album and Kitty and the General mess about repeating the same annoying jokes to each other to keep (their own) spirits high between sausage roll breaks. Come see us play sometime.
 » Gunter Blast   (Noise Rock)
Gunter Blast plays Gunter Blast music. With members of Volt Voice, Qrac, Graffen Volder, TD Hoffset, Lillian Gish, El Dinah, Pull My Daisy, Viva Cats!, La Cellule Anthropophage... YES! All of these!
 + ENTRANCE : 8€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 21:10  USA Nails
    » 20:10  Dead Arms
    » 19:15  Gunter Blast
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