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 Electro / EBM / Industrial
Suicide Commando + Super Dragon Punch!!
 » Suicide Commando   (Electro / EBM / Industrial)

Going strong for 30 years, Suicide Commando have not only been pioneers of the harder Electro genre, but continue being innovators up to this very day. Formed in summer 1986 by Johan van Roy, the band made a name for itself through a series of self-released tapes from the late Eighties to the early Nineties. When the group released its first full-length CD „Critical Stage“ in 1994, it soon would evolve into one of the most popular and important acts of the scene. On this and all of the subsequent releases, Van Roy explores the dark side of humanity with lashing beats, haunting atmospheric electronics and an addictively psychotic and relentlessly aggressive vocal style. With eternal club hits, such as the seminal „See You In Hell“ or “Hellraiser” and an impressive roster of successful album releases, from the classics “Mindstrip”, „Axis Of Evil“, „Bind, Torture, Kill“ and „Implements Of Hell“ to the apocalyptic 2013- masterpiece „When Evil Speaks“, Suicide Commando continue to be genre-defining while always evolving their very own trademark sound of synthetically-induced mayhem. They are a regular guest at the biggest scene-related festivals around the world and are renowned for their energetic stage performance. With an ever-growing rabid fan base at their back, Suicide Commando are one of the most popular live acts of the entire scene. The band is currently working on the next album and, judging from the sold-out advance single „The Pain That You Like“, it will be nothing short of another Hard-Electro-milestone.

 » Super Dragon Punch!!   (Synthpunk / Industrial)
Super Dragon Punch!! is a synthpunk/8bit/industrial project from Belgium since 2012.    It grew up from the ashes of the much noisier project called “RANkOR”. Jérémie Venganza creates its music and writes the lyrics, and has been active with various other synthpop/industrial projects for over 15 years.  SDP!!’s sound is influenced by retro gaming and 80s synths, adding some raw energy during live performances.    The band has performed at different kinds of events in Europe, Mexico or Japan, sharing stages with different kind of acts such as Suicide Commando, Underviewer, Dive, Omodaka, Sigh Society, Kaz Mashino, Chinaprove, Surgyn, Centhron, X Mouth Syndrome, S.E.M., Bella Lune, Seij Minus Aç, Seileen, Chaos Royale, Alfa Eter, Tenebris Lux, The Psycho Trip, Sino Re-Build Projects, Adam Sites, Hysteresis, This Can Hurt, . .   SDP!! made a remix for Llumen’s EP “Cold In December,” and put guest vocals on Baron Noire’s “Surrender”. SDP!! won the Dark Demons Night concert contest, scoring a gig at the famous Belgian BIMfest festival in 2016. SDP!! released it’s first EP in October 2017, including remixes by Assemblage23, Terrolokaust, Iszoloscope & WO††W. . before releasing a full CD in 2018
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