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SATURDAY 07.06.2014 :: 
Rocket Recordings Showcase ::
 Psychedelic / Kraut / Experimental
Gnod (UK) + Teeth of The Sea (UK) + Anthroprophh (UK) + Lay Llamas (IT)

Combi-tickets for Saturday 07/06 and Sunday 08/06 will be available at the door: 14 €

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 » Gnod (UK)  (Psychedelic / Drone / Improvisation / Noise Rock)
 » Teeth of The Sea (UK)  (Psychedelic Rock)

From the radiant consciousness of Britain’s most intrepid sonic assassins comes a shattered mirrorball of a record fit to transform and transfix all that surrounds it in 2013 and beyond. MASTER, the long-awaited and devastating third album of Teeth Of The Sea, is an unprecedented junket into mind-melting abstraction and neon-drenched revelation.

Nearly three years have passed since the band released ‘Your Mercury’, their transcendent second album, and the four-piece have kept very busy during this period-they’ve gigged constantly, sharing stages with the likes of Goat, Circle, British Sea Power, Trans Am and Parts And Labor, collaborating live with Wire and Esben & The Witch, and taking their incendiary barrage to festivals like Roadburn, Green Man, Supersonic, Supernormal and Standon Calling.

Yet the evolution of their third album was most dramatically affected by two specially-commissioned soundtrack projects they embarked on-at Branchage Film Festival in Jersey, the band performed REAPER, a new live score to a re-interpretation of Neil Marshall’s film Doomsday, and a year later, at Bestival on the Isle Of Wight, they unveiled BEYOND THE TRANSFINITE, a tribute to Kubrick’s 2001.

In this period, the band’s experimental instincts have continued to extend in a myriad directions, and whilst MASTER nods to the established Teeth of the Sea touchstones of Throbbing Gristle, Goblin, Heldon, Angelo Badalamenti and Slayer, recent work by the like of Byetone, Pete Swanson, Raime, Powell and Prurient, alongside a long-standing fixation on the disco stylings of Patrick Cowley and Giorgio Moroder, have helped to mark out a gritty, confrontational path whereby abrasive and sparkling electronic textures do battle with waves of incandescent noise and a merciless beat-driven imperative to form a powerful alchemical charge.

From the concrete and chaos of North London, Teeth of the Sea have taken the psychic spectres of their surroundings and allied them to the apparitions of their trash-culture fixated imagination to create a laser-guided metaphysical foray, cinematic in scope.

Kneel for the MASTER.

 » Anthroprophh (UK)  (Heavy Psych / Experimental)

Paul Allen from the Heads and Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb from the Big Naturals play heavy psych experimental rock.

 » Lay Llamas (IT)  (Kraut / Psychedelic)

Lay Llamas is an afro/kraut/psych project formed by Nicola Giunta (backing vocals, bass, synth, organs, drums, guitars, drum machine, percussions, tapes, Casio SA5, ukulele, vocoder), and Gioele Valenti (lyrics, lead and backing vocals, guitars, synth, sitar, indian flute, tibetan bells, tambourine, shaker, vocoder).

 + ENTRANCE : 10€
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 23:35  Gnod
    » 22:30  Teeth of The Sea
    » 21:35  Anthroprophh
    » 20:45  Lay Llamas
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