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TUESDAY 04.10.2016 :: 
Uz Jsme Doma (CZ) + Rockus Pokus

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Uz Jsme Doma (CZ)  (Prog / Punk / Avant-Garde)
Už Jsme Doma, (pronounced oosh-smeh-dough-ma), is a progressive rock band originally from Teplice, Czech Republic.
The band’s approach to arrangements and style is unique in the world of rock. They bring the instruments and vocals in different directions within the same scales and keys to create a dense melodic atmosphere. In addition, their rhythms often accent off-beats and half-beats, throwing the listener in unexpected directions. The music seems to be an exhausting juxtaposition between beauty and ugliness, as songs will frequently shift between modes to create tumultuous, powerful hooks. The band is also fond of shifts between time signatures and the insertion of extra beats in the shaping of the mood of the song. Their lyrics are considered as deep poetry.
Band tours frequently whole the world (more than 2100 shows in their 31 years long history), till now they visited 41 different countries, major part of them took USA (more than 600 shows in almost all US states), also Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

The band has, to date, released seven proper studio albums, two live albums, a best-of packages and a DVD containing live footage and a documentary about the history of the band, which discusses its artistic significance and chronicals its dozens of lineup changes in its 31+ year career.

 » Rockus Pokus   (Metal / Other)
ROCKUS POKUS est l'intersection de plusieurs univers :
Après un changement de nom du groupe HABEMUS PApAM une nouvelle entité aux sonorités métalliques est née, encore plus fou et .... à vous de juger ;-)
 + ENTRANCE : 8€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 21:00  Uz Jsme Doma
    » 20:00  Rockus Pokus
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