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THURSDAY 13.04.2017 :: 
Reagan Youth (US) + Immigrants + Suit Side vs Veda Plight

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 » Reagan Youth (US)  (Punk Rock Hardcore)
A band that wanted to expose the evils of society through punk rock music, especially the hateful ways of Ronald Reagan, Repubicans ( and Democrats alike ), the Religious Right, and Racism. 
The band ceased to exist after Reagan left office. The band reformed with Paul Cripple, Al Pike and Johnny Aztec. After Aztec and Pike other members were asked to join in order to flesh out one last album about the band's dearly departed singer; Dave "Insurgent" Rubinstein. Paul Cripple continues to play and has come up with songs for one last Reagan youth album that just needs to get recorded. Stay tuned
 » Immigrants   (Hardcore / Punk)
 » Suit Side vs Veda Plight   (Punk)
Suit Side vs Veda Plight is an anarcho-punk from band from hellgium since 2004. Their lyrics are pretty commited. Music style is sometimes a bit crazy but most of the time close to english HxC punk. 
They started as 2piece band with drum machine and made their first tour in 2007 in France, then 2010 in France again. They recorded at home 3 demos within this period. In january 2011 they went in Brazil touring, that's where they met Zorel (ex Execradores, Diskontroll, Peligro,Contraste Bizarro  etc). In 2014 Zorel had the crazy idea to come to Europe and play drums for them (instead of the drum machine and make a tour for the occasion in Belgium, France, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. The result was much better with a human drum. Sam and Vinnie went back to Brazil in the beginnig of 2015 and played 11 gigs there.
In july 2016 they recorded their fisrt LP with Zorel on drums which should be out mid 2017. Since end of december, Gerald (ex Le Prince Harry) joined them on human drums. 
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 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
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    » 21:05  Reagan Youth
    » 20:05  Immigrants
    » 19:15  Suit Side vs Veda Plight
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