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TUESDAY 24.10.2017 :: 
Hard Ons (AU) + Sects Tape + Brewed In Belgium

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 » Hard Ons (AU)  (Punk Rock)
Still absolutely buoyant from their 30th anniversary tour AND the world-wide release of
their best album-to-date “Peel Me Like A Egg”, Sydney’s colourful rocking identities THE
HARD-ONS come bearing good news for music lovers and sports fans alike.
2017 will see the Hard-ons shrug off their recent misfortune, whereby their January
2016 tour of Japan was sadly aborted for health reasons, and hit the stage again. This
time, the Hard-ons will be a FOUR-PIECE again, with original vocalist/drummer Keish
“Velvet Fog” de Silva permanently returning to the fold as frontman!
This explosive yet deeply melodic line-up of one of Australia’s most unique and actionpacked
rock and roll bands will perform a set bristling with both beauty and brutality, as
they explore their vast back catalogue, and more importantly, introduce new material
that has only just been hammered brilliantly into shape by this incarnation!
Every show promises to be a special affair, as the expanded, new, and revitalised Hardons
flex their considerable and charismatic musical muscle: to sum up, nothing and
everything has changed. Hard-ons: Very exciting as ever, but a little bit better.
These shows are not to be missed!
 » Sects Tape   (Dead Garage / Punk Garage)

After El Gouro's first trip to the other life, the new perception and powers he came back with made him realize this world was in need of his infinite mind potential. He decided to hire the most loyal and devoted apostles and start a band whose sole purpose was to teach the world about the joys of El Gouro's knowledge. They were four : the thin, the tall, the fat and the hairless. Bound forever in the most sacred rituals of all which many have heard of but few have seen. With already a number of performances in the heart of the old continent, the sect's influence grows bigger everyday in the hearts of it's followers. Maybe you will witness it someday? In this life….or the other

 » Brewed In Belgium   (Punk / Beer Core)

Raised in summer 2011, Brewed in Belgium's played a few shows in Tournai before startin' serious things. In early 2012 the band opened for Sheer Terror in Bristol (UK) then played a lot of shows in Belgium, France and holland during the year. they record their 1st maxi cd "open Bar" in late 2012. After a slowdown in 2014-2015, Brewed in Belgium will release their 1st debut album "In Beer We Trust" in september 2016.

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    » 21:05  Hard Ons
    » 20:10  Sects Tape
    » 19:15  Brewed In Belgium
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