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THURSDAY 05.10.2017 :: 
Heliogabale (FR) + Hibagon (IT) + Ilill

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

 » Heliogabale (FR)  (Noise / Rock)

HELIOGABALE is a Paris band whose road met Steve Albini's, Al Sutton's or Iain Burgess'. This time they stopped by the doorstep of French sound engineers Patrick Müller and Antoine Gaillet who respectively recorded and mixed down the band's sixth album to be released in September 2010. Since its beginning in 1992 HELIOGABALE has been using change and evolution as keywords of its music; each album was a break with the previous one, highlighting a unique style. This new opus contains ten songs, dressed up in shadows and lights : some sort of an inventory, polaroid cuts from lives where gymnopedical melodies intervene in the band's rhythmical universe.

"Rewind" Blood
 » Hibagon (IT)  (Instrumental / Math noise)
Hibagon is a heavy and polyrhythmic two-piece that channels the energy of the straightforward guitar + drums formula into irregular textures, bringing it back to the listener in geometric and distorted frames.  Born in Bergamo (Italy), in 2011 Hibagon publishes the 7 songs EP “Hibagon VS Monsters Spewed from Time’s Stomach to Clutch the Universe in a Mortal Slime”, followed by two years of touring, where the band gathers the first positive public responses.  Reinforced the impact and deconstructed the song-form, the duo records a second EP, named “Hibagon and the Quest for the Creature Previously Known as Moughra the Guardian”: a 5 chapters sci-fi novel released in October 2014 on Fumaio Records. With this album Hibagon intensifies its live activity and leaves Italy for a first series of 14 shows in France, Belgium, UK and Ireland, and for a second one in Switzerland and Austria.  In 2017 the band publishes its first proper LP, named “POLYPOSMIC”, on which appear 12 tracks, more intense and dynamically various than ever.
The album is produced by Hibagon and a real ensemble of 10 labels from all Europe: WOOAAARGH (DE), Taxi Driver Records, 5FeetUnder (DK), Gabu Records (FR), Il Verso del Cinghiale, Pied de Biche (FR), La Fornace Dischi, Toten Schwan, I Dischi del Minollo and Brigante Records.
 » Ilill   (Indie Rock)
duo formed in 2012 and based in brussels,
ilill plays a primitive but sophisticate music, in which simplicity is
associated to experience and radicalism. This approach, of a rather
basic rock instrumental combination has been described by the word
Postpunk. This could be found in the repetitive structure of the songs
as in the vocal expressiveness of Mariette Michaud.
Voice, guitar, bass tom, big synth, cymbals and fury.
Mariette Michaud is also experimental filmmaker and sings French songs
mainly from the 1930s repertoire in Demi-Brides.
Jean-Philippe Saulou has been seen and heard in / with u.n.d.o, Bülanz
Tendance King Kong or the Anti Rubber Brain Factory ...
 + ENTRANCE : 8€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
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    » 21:10  Heliogabale
    » 20:10  Hibagon
    » 19:15  Ilill
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