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The Breath Of Life
FRIDAY 23.02.2018 :: 
Clan Of Xymox (NL) + The Breath Of Life + The Arch
New Wave / Post Punk / Cold Wave
» Clan Of Xymox (New Wave)
Since their formation in their native Holland their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking. Some of us have always been of the opinion that XYMOX are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique.   First there was Clan of Xymox, formed in Amsterdam but signed to leading English independent label 4-AD, home at one time or another to the Cocteau Twins, Dead ...
» The Breath Of Life (Darkwave / Coldwave)
» The Arch (New Wave)
Friends before a band.  Passion before anything else. Small town roots. Big ambition. Love your heroes. Kill your darlings. Never settle. Sweat. Work. Delete. Search. Find. Repeat. Obsess. Discuss. Release. Get snobbed. Get misunderstood. Get underground. Dissapear. Come back. With a vengeance. Conquer the world. One devoted fan at the time. Heroes abroad. Aliens at home. Love music. Love live. ROCK THE MACHINES. RIDE THE WAVE. Give goosebumps to the electronic body. Angelic ...
 » FEBRUARY 2018
 + FRIDAY 02.02.2018
 Noise Rock / Post Punk
Buzz Rodeo (DE) + Drache + A Shape (FR) + Stakattak
 + FRIDAY 16.02.2018
 Industrial / Digital Hardcore / Metal
Punish Yourself (FR) + Cartouche + Spankraght
 + SATURDAY 17.02.2018
 Hardcore Punk / D-beat
The Varukers (UK) + Smäris + Werly
 + FRIDAY 23.02.2018
 New Wave / Post Punk / Cold Wave
Clan Of Xymox (NL) + The Breath Of Life + The Arch