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The End Of Ernie
SUNDAY 19.05.2019 :: 

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Anti-Pasti (UK) + The End Of Ernie
The Anti-Pasti story so far...   Founded in 1978 in Derby, England, Anti-Pasti comprised of Martin Roper on vocals, Dugi Bell on guitar and with the addition of Stu Winfield on bass and Stan Smith on drums, released their debut EP, "Four Sore Points", featuring the all time punk rock classic "No Government", on their own Dose record label. They played many gigs in and around Derby and rapidly built up a large following.     Winfield and Smith were soon replaced by ...
The End Of Ernie is a band been around for long  and play music  A combination of old (er) and young on stage, with a punk-oriented sound, an 80’s version with touches of crossover and crustin’ punk.  The band has varied somewhat reminiscent of bands like DRI and SPERMBIRDS  and many different influences, of old and new. Surprisingly catchy ? The DIY approach is an important point in the band and with songs about politics, global unjustice, darkness, etc.,  as also personal memes  that ...
 » MAY 2019
 + WEDNESDAY 01.05.2019
 Death Metal / Doom
Father Befouled (US) + Krypts (FI) + Encoffination (US) + Jupiterian (BR)
 + THURSDAY 02.05.2019
 Heavy Metal / Doom Metal
The Skull (US) + Worshipper (US)
 + FRIDAY 03.05.2019
 Death Metal
Sinister (NL) + Goat Vomit + BleedSkin
 + SUNDAY 05.05.2019
Wrong (US) + Coilguns (CH) + Dilepsis
 + MONDAY 06.05.2019
 Hardcore / Metal
Siberian Meat Grinder (RU) + Copia (AU)
 + SATURDAY 11.05.2019
URSULINE OPEN'AIR AFTER PARTY Grindcore / Hardcore Punk / Electro Punk
Mammoutt + Disuse (NL) + Jodie Faster (FR) + Intestinal Disease + Slavemaker
 + THURSDAY 16.05.2019
 Sludge Metal / Stoner
Black Tusk (US) + Mirror Queen (US)
 + FRIDAY 17.05.2019
 Industrial / Experimental / Noise
Khost (UK) + Jenny Torse + Corps (RU)
 + SATURDAY 18.05.2019
 Experimental / Black Metal
Pensées Nocturnes (FR) + Vrovl
 + SUNDAY 19.05.2019
Anti-Pasti (UK) + The End Of Ernie
 + SATURDAY 25.05.2019
The Progerians + Your Highness + Sons of Disaster
 + SUNDAY 26.05.2019
 Noise Rock / Noise Punk
USA Nails (UK) + Dead Arms (UK) + Gunter Blast
 + WEDNESDAY 29.05.2019
 Rock And Roll
The Lords Of Altamont (US) + Nervous Shakes
 + THURSDAY 30.05.2019
 Drone / Post Rock / Noise Rock
Big Brave (CA) + My Disco (AU) + von Stroheim