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SATURDAY 11.05.2019 :: 
Ursuline open'air After Party Grindcore / Hardcore Punk / Electro Punk

Concerts en altenance avec le Barlok

Mammoutt + Disuse (NL) + Jodie Faster (FR) + Intestinal Disease + Slavemaker
Grindcore / Hardcore Punk / Electro Punk
» Mammoutt (Electro Punk)

mammoutt a vu le jour début 2001 au sein de la scène freeparty / squat  bruxelloise    au départ orienté elektro-drum avec pour seul ustensile une groovebox  303,  la mixture s' est depuis enrichie de borborygmes primitifs  et d' une  machine un rien plus bruyante dégénérant gaiement la soupe en bouillon . Drum n' biesse des cavernes, skrade n' roll, elektro polka crust sous  le niveau de l' amer    primitif poumtchac pour tympans érodés 

» Disuse (Grindcore)

Disuse is a Grindcore band from Leiden, The Netherlands. Birthed in the summer of 2017, these jolly jumpers have embarked on a journey to expose the world to furious free-jazz fuzz and Bob Ross worship. With songs like “Crystal Belvedere” and “Pop Machine”, these maniacal minstrels are sure to unleash a great carnival of suède savagery and serpentine debauchery unto the hordes.

» Jodie Faster (Hardcore Punk)

JODIE FASTER was formed in the summer of 2016 by four active members of Lille, France’s punk scene. With members of bands such as Burning Lady, Fake Off, Confusion, Toxic Waste… the motto was simple : play as fast as possible. After a year, more than 60 gigs around Europe alongside bands like Vitamin X, Youth Avoiders, Teenage Bottlerocket, Pears, Clowns, Burning Heads, Get Dead… and some repress of their first EP ‘Complete Discography’, the band is back on tracks, preparing their first LP, looking ...

» Intestinal Disease (Grind / Punk)
» Slavemaker (Hardcore / Power violence)
 » MAY 2019
 + WEDNESDAY 01.05.2019
 Death Metal / Doom
Father Befouled (US) + Krypts (FI) + Encoffination (US) + Jupiterian (BR)
 + THURSDAY 02.05.2019
 Heavy Metal / Doom Metal
The Skull (US) + Worshipper (US)
 + FRIDAY 03.05.2019
 Death Metal
Sinister (NL) + Goat Vomit + BleedSkin
 + SUNDAY 05.05.2019
Wrong (US) + Coilguns (CH) + Dilepsis
 + MONDAY 06.05.2019
 Hardcore / Metal
Siberian Meat Grinder (RU) + Copia (AU)
 + SATURDAY 11.05.2019
URSULINE OPEN'AIR AFTER PARTY Grindcore / Hardcore Punk / Electro Punk
Mammoutt + Disuse (NL) + Jodie Faster (FR) + Intestinal Disease + Slavemaker
 + THURSDAY 16.05.2019
 Sludge Metal / Stoner
Black Tusk (US) + Mirror Queen (US)
 + FRIDAY 17.05.2019
 Industrial / Experimental / Noise
Khost (UK) + Jenny Torse + Corps (RU)
 + SATURDAY 18.05.2019
 Experimental / Black Metal
Pensées Nocturnes (FR) + Vrovl
 + SUNDAY 19.05.2019
Anti-Pasti (UK) + The End Of Ernie
 + SATURDAY 25.05.2019
The Progerians + Your Highness + Sons of Disaster
 + SUNDAY 26.05.2019
 Noise Rock / Noise Punk
USA Nails (UK) + Dead Arms (UK) + Gunter Blast
 + WEDNESDAY 29.05.2019
 Rock And Roll
The Lords Of Altamont (US) + Nervous Shakes
 + THURSDAY 30.05.2019
 Drone / Post Rock / Noise Rock
Big Brave (CA) + My Disco (AU) + von Stroheim