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Prettiest Eyes (US) + Excuseexcuse + The Permanentz
Garage Rock / Synthpunk
» Prettiest Eyes (Synthpunk / Garage)
Very pleased to be working with these boys…   I first saw them ages ago at the Sattelite and they were cake-takers that night…now, they are stronger and weirder than ever.  I couldn’t believe this new batch of tunes and their bananas-energy live show and, their fans are hard-core heads, just a soup of dance and mouths agog brutal, fractured, pogoing beats played by Pachy, also the singer, belching out vocal smoke rings in the laser light above the din they are flat out commands, militaristic ...
» Excuseexcuse (Electro Punk / Lo-Fi)

Excuseexcuse is a pact between the Devil and 2 persons to whom he gave immortality. Now, they're free to push their limits without ever caring of any other realities that the one they're looking for. It has been sometimes aggressive and provocative but also tender or dancing. And if anybody got hurt by Excuseexcuse, that's Lucifer's doing.

The originality of Excuseexcuse comes from the 2 bands in which Jeremie and Stephane were playing both ; Shelby , an electronica kind of music, ...

 + MONDAY 03.09.2018
 Sludge Metal
Primitive Man (US) + -(16)- (US) + Oldd Wvrms
 + THURSDAY 06.09.2018
 Riot jazz
Youngblood Brass Band (US) + Steve & Ginie Jackson (CA)
 + FRIDAY 07.09.2018
 Experimental / Progressive metal / Avant garde
Free Salamander Exhibit (US) + Phil Maggi « Animalwrath »
 + SATURDAY 08.09.2018
 Psychedelic / Kraut
Qujaku (JP) + The Contact High (UK) + Duane Serah
 + WEDNESDAY 12.09.2018
 Psychedelic Rock / Space Rock
The Oscillation (UK) + Lumerians (US)
 + FRIDAY 14.09.2018
 Garage Rock / Synthpunk
Prettiest Eyes (US) + Excuseexcuse + The Permanentz
 + SATURDAY 15.09.2018
 Death Metal
Demilich (FI) + Spectral Voice (US) + Pestifer
 + FRIDAY 21.09.2018
 Death Metal
Necrot (US) + Carrion + Bones
 + WEDNESDAY 26.09.2018
 Stoner Rock / Doom Metal
Stoned Jesus (UA) + Mothership (US) + Elephant Tree (UK)
 + SATURDAY 29.09.2018
Why The Eye ? + Le Prince Harry + The Glucks + Boda Boda + Baby Fire