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SATURDAY 02.12.2017 :: 
Greenleaf (SE) + The Atomic Bitchwax (US) + Steak (UK)
Stoner Rock / Rock And Roll
» Greenleaf (Rock And Roll)
Almost by definition, musical side projects aren’t meant to last very long, but rather serve as brief, often one-time departures for musicians otherwise engaged with far more pressing or successful bands -- and that’s why Greenleaf has proved itself to be anything but your typical “side project.”   Yes, this Scandinavian music collective has gone through quite the revolving cast since their arrival on the scene, much like an auditory Y2K virus in that fateful millennium flip; but the one constant ...
The Atomic Bitchwax is an American rock band from Long Branch N.J. formed in 1993 by bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik, guitarist Ed Mundell and drummer Keith Ackerman. Their music is a combination of 60s psychedelic rock, and 70s riff rock filtered though the progressive rock influences of today.   The original group was primarily a jam band playing local bars in N.J. and N.Y.C. but shortly after they formed, Chris joined the Metal/Doom band "Godspeed" (Atlantic)1993-96, and Ed joined ...
» Steak (Stoner Rock)

Heavy Rock 'n Rollin 4 piece from London, England.

 » DECEMBER 2017
 + FRIDAY 01.12.2017
 No Wave / Avant Garde / Rock
Lydia Lunch / Retrovirus (US) + SHOESHINE + Crites
 + SATURDAY 02.12.2017
 Stoner Rock / Rock And Roll
Greenleaf (SE) + The Atomic Bitchwax (US) + Steak (UK)
 + FRIDAY 08.12.2017
 Black Metal
Sortilegia (CA) + Sinmara (IS) + Almyrkvi (IS) + I I (DE)
 + SUNDAY 10.12.2017 (CANCELLED)
 Heavy Psych / Indie / Rock
Dhidalah (CANCELLED) (JP) + Topanga (CANCELLED)
 + SATURDAY 23.12.2017
Daniel Hélin et ses Binamé + Stygmate (FR) + Kvass + Emeline Tout Court