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SUNDAY 02.12.2018 :: 

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

Birds In Row (FR) + KEN mode (CA) + Coilguns (CH)
Hardcore / Noise Rock / Metal
» Birds In Row (Hardcore)

Back in 2012 France's trio BIRDS IN ROW blew us away by releasing a genuinely heart-crushing and violent first album. "You, Me & The Violence" laid us low, offering in 12 concise songs enough anger to push us, and enough sensitivy to move us deeply. BIRDS IN ROW, instantly, became a model for all sharp toothed screamo hardcore, the one we were in desperate needthen. Deathwish Records (Converge, Touché Amoré, Oathbreaker...) released this masterpiece and, alongside with never ending ...

» KEN mode (Noise / Metal)

Halfway between post-hardcore and noise-rock, Canada's finest KEN Mode (for Kill Everyone Now Mode) are actively crafting a maniac discography for two decades now, delivering a freaking out mix of ultra-violence and complexity that produced such excellent pieces of destruction such as "Venerable" and "Entrench". Matthewson brothers are back this year releasing their seventh album, "Loved", through Season Of Mist, a paroxysmal quest for brutality and madness.

» Coilguns (Grindcore / Math Metal / Black Metal)

COILGUNS is a nightmare from Switzerland, an aggression in all respects that takes form of a quartet impossible to deal with on stage and fueled by influences such as Breach, Terra Tenebrosa, Knut and almighty Converge. With two suffocating albums, "Commuters" and "Millenials", alonside with crazy shows accorss Europe litterally pushing the audience, COILGUNS succeeded in competing with its brilliant fellow countrybands Knut, Nostromo and Kruger.

 » DECEMBER 2018
 + SUNDAY 02.12.2018
 Hardcore / Noise Rock / Metal
Birds In Row (FR) + KEN mode (CA) + Coilguns (CH)
 + MONDAY 03.12.2018
 Experimental / Black Metal
Zhrine (IS) + Ulsect (NL) + Soul Grip
 + FRIDAY 07.12.2018
 Electroclash / Industrial
ADULT. (US) + Dive + Hà;PEOPLE 3 55
 + THURSDAY 13.12.2018
 Post Rock
A Burial at sea (UK) + We Stood Like Kings
 + FRIDAY 14.12.2018
 Avant Garde / Experimental
Le Jour du Seigneur + Ze Zorgs + Jean D.L.
 + THURSDAY 20.12.2018
 Thrash metal / Death metal / Technical metal
Revocation (US) + Archspire (CA) + Soreption (SE) + Rivers of Nihil (US)
 + SATURDAY 22.12.2018
BOUM DE NOëL 2018 Boum
René Binamé + Agathocles + Enfance Sauvage (FR) + Pietra Pied de Biche (FR)