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Back in 2012 France's trio BIRDS IN ROW blew us away by releasing a genuinely heart-crushing and violent first album. "You, Me & The Violence" laid us low, offering in 12 concise songs enough anger to push us, and enough sensitivy to move us deeply. BIRDS IN ROW, instantly, became a model for all sharp toothed screamo hardcore, the one we were in desperate needthen. Deathwish Records (Converge, Touché Amoré, Oathbreaker...) released this masterpiece and, alongside with never ending world tours supporting Amenra, Converge, Neurosis... BIRDS IN ROW took the lead of french DIY scene. This year see the release of their long awaited second LP "We Already Lost The World" which first excerpts mark band's evolution towards new uptight feelings.

 » Birds In Row (FR) 
 + SUNDAY 02.12.2018
 Hardcore / Noise Rock / Metal
Birds In Row (FR) + KEN mode (CA) + Coilguns (CH)