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 » Big Fat Lukum (BE) 
Stronger than ever with a 5 year stable line-up, Belgian power trio BIG FAT LUKUM
managed to inventively brew their own blend of heavy rock. This little recipe of
their own pushed them sharing the stage with legends of the heavy scene such as
Black Rainbows, Glowsun, Peter Pan Speedrock, Snailking and recently a part of
the hottest bands from the "rock psyche fuzz sludge" international scene as they
are scheduled at the DesertFest Antwerp 2017.
Taking their roots from something between the foggy swamps of Wo Fat and the
scandinavian forests of Monolord, BIG FAT LUKUM offer their own "chef speciality"
made of old dusty legacy rock and modernity with a tendency for heavy powerfull
riffs and groovy flow even as the atmosphere becomes sluggish and doom.
Each apparition of the band contributes to its reputation for the stage is the
secular place where you could hear the echo of the burning world putting you
face to face with a deliberate mist and a metallic crushing pressure.
 » Big Fat Lukum (BE) 
 + TUESDAY 13.05.2014
 Doom / Sludge / Stoner
Snailking (SE) + Goddog + Big Fat Lukum
 + SUNDAY 29.05.2016
 Stoner Rock / Psychedelic
Black Rainbows (IT) + Black Lung (US) + Big Fat Lukum
 + FRIDAY 17.11.2017
LES NUITS PLASMA Stoner / Sludge / Metal
Big Business (US) + Electric)Noise(Machine + Big Fat Lukum + Reptile's Reign
 + THURSDAY 05.09.2019
25 YEARS OF M4 Sludge Metal / Stoner Rock
Dopethrone (CA) + Big Fat Lukum + Seethr