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The Filaments (UK) + The skalogg's (FR) + Union Jack (FR) + Overweight + La Familia
 » The Filaments (UK)  (Ska Punk)
The Filament's debut album 'Skull and Trombones' was released in 2001 on New Blood Records and tours with The Casualties, Deadline and Roger Miret and The Disasters followed this release. The Filaments gained a reputation for their immense live shows in the UK, and on the European mainland. This record was accompanied by a split 7 inch single with Deadline entitled "Punk Unity."   Their second album ‘..Whats Next?’ was released in 2004 on Household Name Records. This time the band showed a greater depth in song writing; UK '82 style punk was mixed with a wide range of influences including Dub, 2-tone influenced ska and Psychobilly. Following this release The Filaments went on to tour alongside popular U.S acts such as The Horrorpops and Leftover Crack, as well as playing festivals including Glastonbury, Wasted / Rebellion (Blackpool), Rude Boys Unity (Geneva) and Punk 'n' Disorderly (Berlin).   A split E.P with Beans, Bodybag and BBK followed, as well as a split 7 inch with The Stockyard Stoics.   The Filaments performed a live session from BBC's Maida Vale Studios for Mike Davies' Radio 1 punk show in 2005 after 'What's Next' spent a month sitting at the top of the programmes Outlaw Anthems chart.   In 2005, lead vocalist Jon Fawkes emigrated to America and The Filaments subsequently disbanded. On the 10th July 2005 they played their farewell show at the City Invasion tour at The Astoria, London.   In March 2006 The Filaments played two sold out reunion shows at The Relentless Garage in Highbury, London with punk band Deadline and the Rebellion punk festival in Blackpool Winter gardens August 2007. In August 2009 they reformed to support Suicide Bid at The Relentless Garage, Highbury London. Jon had moved back to the UK permanently at this time and later The Filaments officially announced they had reformed.   The Filaments are currently recording a new record set for release as soon as they can get it finished!
 » The skalogg's (FR)  (Ska)
 » Union Jack (FR)  (Ska Punk)
Activistes de la scène punk parisienne depuis 12 ans, les acoyltes d’Union Jack défendent sans concession une approche novatrice du genre, en intégrant à leur musique des infuences hip hop et ska . En trio guitare-basse-batterie sur scène, ils collaborent en studio avec DJ Low Cut, dont les scratches percutants viennent compléter le son si particulier du groupe. Après avoir écumé les routes de France et d’Europe et après deux productions remarquées (le EP You don't really know who I am sorti en 2004 et le split avec The Gerbs "Songs from the grave" en 2007), Union Jack présente en 2009 son nouvel album, "Tales of Urban Freedom", véritable témoignage de toutes les facettes musicales du groupe (punk, ska, hip hop, rock & roll...), le tout agrémenté par des paroles incisives et dépeignant l'univers urbain du groupe : rejet de la société de consommation et de la religion, affirmation des valeurs d’amitié et de solidarité, sensibilisation à l’environnement et à la responsabilisation individuelle…. Les trois propagandistes, adeptes invétérés du DIY, ont monté leur propre label, Beer Records, qui leur a permis de s'autoproduire, mais également de créer ou de soutenir des projets qui leur tiennent à coeur. Le dernier album d'Union Jack est le fruit d'une collaboration avec le label parisien Guerilla Asso, autre activiste notoire de la scène. Ténacité, intégrité et originalité sont les maîtres mots de ce trio énervé, qui ne compte pas en rester là. Prêts?
 » Overweight  

2001. Some schoolfriends, hailing from Vilvoorde, Belgium, decide to start up a band. Some growing pains were conquered, and Overweight was born. What started out with several punk- and rockcovers, soon evolved into a mix of selfmade songs, spiced up with some creatively covered songs of popular children- and animationseries. A very important step for Overweight was the introduction of a horn section, comprising a logical evolution towards skapunk.

An improvised studio was the setting for a first demo, “What we call paradise”, which opened a lot of doors. A new demo was released in 2008, titled “Back to life with a hangover”, which resulted in a bunch of shows. Later that year, Thomas left the band to spend some more time on other challenges in his life. An ample replacement was found quickly: ever since, Willem Merckx has been in charge of the plucking of the bass.

In 2009 the band presented its first full-CD: “The world for sale”. Ten neatly recorded tracks, with the catchy skapunk tunes definitely being a highlight! Fun, terrific atmosphere, feel good and occasionally a sonic guitar avalanche: is probably the best way to describe Overweight in a nutshell.

The next year, 2010, was the year of the downs and heights: the band did a French and a UK Tour, which where definitely a lot of fun! But later that year, Wannes decided to quit the band. After a long search, Julien Daiche was found to hit the drums!

Through the years, this fun loving gang has built up a rather excellent live reputation. Wherever they go, their catchy party songs are a guarantee for some good old-fashioned crowd mayhem! Overweight already had the honour of sharing the stage with bands such as Mark Foggo’s Skasters, Janez Detd, P.O. Box, The Maple Room, Homer, Skafield, The Disliked, El Guapo Stuntteam, Peter Pan Speedrock, Five Days Off, The Hicky Underworld, de Heideroosjes, A Brand, Big D And The Kid’s Table…

 » La Familia  
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