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SATURDAY 28.09.2019 :: 
Fêtes de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - 25 YEARS OF M4 ::
 Festival / Rock
A Supernaut + My Diligence + Milk TV + SOROR
 » A Supernaut   (Rock And Roll)

ASupernaut are a Belgian trio formed in 2015, that sail between the electricity of hard rock, monolithic psychedelic riffery and unbridled freedom, without belonging to a specific scene or movement. 

In early 2017, their first album "La Menace" was released to critical acclaim. To illustrate, let's quote the journalist of ‘Le Soir’, Didier Stiers, who at the time described "Killing of an Iron Man" as the “opus of the group, with roots in both Black Sabbath and The Cure” 

After its release, they set the Kingdom of Belgium on fire, and screamed through France, with a tour encompassing notably the ‘Dour festival’ and the ‘’Desertfest Antwerp’, sharing the bill with , amongst others, The Melvins, Sleaford mods, La Muerte, Unsane, Chassol, Camera, All Them Witches, Meatbodies, Kaléidobolt, Deap Valley, ... 

After a short sabbatical, they locked themselves away to write and record their 4 track EP, entitled « Morsure » in which they develop their edgy, unpolished and intensely aggressive sound. It will be released in September 2019. 

Now they are ready to take their music on the road, to go above and beyond a simple recording. ASupernaut will ejaculate pure energy, they want to bite their audience, there gonna be so alive that it will be unpredictable. 

Before naming some of their influence let it be clear that ASupernaut are archaeologists rather than tomb raiders, they come from the blues with intent and bad behaviour. 

They idolize Hawkwind, The Lords of the new Church, Melvins, L7, Ty Segall, Ice Cube and Nomeansno, but above all, they love you.

 » My Diligence   (Rock / Stoner metal)
Formed in Brussels in late 2013, the music of MY DILIGENCE can be characterized as straight up powerful hard rock, with influences pushing through like Queens of the Stone Age, At The Drive-In, Wolfmother and Clutch.   My Diligence is mixing up a unique chemical rock-n-roll cocktail of their very own. It's about forging ahead and breaking down cliches to find the inner source of originality.
 » Milk TV   (Noise / No Wave)
 » SOROR   (Indie Rock)

S O R O R was created on a foggy day as only Brussels can make them. Three women were cooking exquisite pies (well actually two of 'em, the other one was just eating) when suddenly a car crashed in the kitchen and a drunk ex convict got out of it. As the four of them met, a nuclear fusion happened and a sound full of sweat and taste came out of their armpits.

 + ENTRANCE : Gratuit - Free - Gratis
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:30
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 23:30  A Supernaut
    » 22:30  My Diligence
    » 21:30  Milk TV
    » 20:30  SOROR
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