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THURSDAY 19.09.2019 :: 
25 YEARS OF M4 ::
 Noise Rock / Sludge / Psychedelic
The Cosmic Dead + Rainbow Grave (UK) + Bonnacons of Doom (UK)

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 » The Cosmic Dead   (Space Rock / Psychedelic / Krautrock)
THE COSMIC DEAD - SCOTTISH SPACE RACE - NEW ALBUM AND EU TOUR   Heavy psych experimentalists The Cosmic Dead's eighth album - Scottish Space Race - is set to be released in September via Riot Season Records on Gatefold 2-LP / CD and has been mastered by John Mcbain (Monster Magnet, Wellwater Conspiracy).   The album was recorded in their Glasgow HQ with cosmic sound guru Luigi Pasquini, four sprawling chunks of music recorded live amongst a run of momentous late night festival appearances in the summer of 2018. Scottish Space Race is the first Cosmic Dead release to feature the drumming of Tommy Duffin (Headless Kross) and the lap-steel synthesizer yowls of Russell Andrew Gray (Girl Sweat) alongside long-time cosmicians Omar Aborida and James T Mckay.   To accompany the release the band is set to embark on a run of dates across the UK and Europe this autumn.
 » Rainbow Grave (UK)  (Sludge / Noise Rock)
What are 'they' saying about Rainbow Grave?   "The music is slow, enormous and very bleak.”   "...a massive negative sound."   "They stare out into space and look either blank, indifferent or just plain livid."    "Rainbow Grave are hateful...In fact they hate everybody and everything, especially you."   “...this is either a totally miscalculated disaster or a massive piss-take.”
 » Bonnacons of Doom (UK)  (Psychedelic / Krautrock)
 + ENTRANCE : 10€
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00
    » 21:05  The Cosmic Dead
    » 20:10  Rainbow Grave
    » 19:15  Bonnacons of Doom
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