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SATURDAY 10.09.2022
10 000 Russos (PT) + Motor!k Industrial / Post-punk

!!! Event Cash Only !!!

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 + PRESALE : 10€ 
 + ENTRANCE : 10€ 
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00 
 + ORGANIZER: Magasin 4 

    » 22:00 10 000 Russos
    » 21:00 Motor!k
 + 10 000 Russos
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10 000 RUSSOS (PT) (Industrial / Post-punk / Psychedelic)
10,000 Russos are a formidable force within modern psychedelia; their industrial psych/post-punk has been charming fuzz-heads across the globe with its stomping, shamanic mantras and otherworldly krautrock slant. During the last 9 years, the portuguese band produced 4 LPs (3 on Fuzz Club Records) as well as split records with the likes of Oscillation and RMFTM. They toured heavily with 6 europeans and 1 mexican tour as well as presence on the principal festival within their genre. During 2020, Russos had changed one band member (André Couto on bass left, Nils Meisel arrived on synths), changed their sound direction and recorded one LP, that will be out on Fuzz Club in September 2021.
MOTOR!K (BE) (Krautrock / Psychedelic)
Their latest album, "3", Belgian Krautrockers MOTOR!K are adding a new chapter to their discography. While the key elements from their previous albums "MOTOR!K" and "2" (Hypnotic bass lines, pounding drums and repetitive guitar lines) are also presented here ,this album is slightly different from its predecessors. Opening track "Stunden" starts off with a minimal techno-like groove and builds up towards a noisy, almost apocalyptic finale. "Socrates" is vintage MOTOR!K, played with such an emergency, this track screams to be heard live in a sweaty concert environment. "Hourglass" begins as an ambient-like guitar and electronics track and evolves into a blasting repetitive track full of distorted guitars. "Unisono" is a melancholic track with a "post-rock" feel, with subtle electronics and dreamy guitars. "Zug" is a rather electronic track with lots of psychedelic guitars and synths. "Reflections" pays tribute to the late 70's. Lots of delay guitars and spacey electronics building up to new horizons. Belgium's Guitarist/Synthesist Joeri Dobbeleir ,also the song composer in MOTOR!K, together with Dirk Ivens - Guitar / FX (known for his work with The Klinik and Dive amongst others) and Drummer Dries D'Hollander are continuing to keep the instrumental Krautrock vibe alive, on record and live on stage.