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FRIDAY 13.01.2023
Year of No Light (FR) + Aluk Todolo (FR) + Sordide (FR) Post Metal / Occult / Rock / Black Metal
    » Presales - Préventes - Utick

 + PRESALE : 10€ 
 + ENTRANCE : 10€ 
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00 
 + ORGANIZER: Magasin 4 

    » 23:00 Year of No Light
    » 21:45 Aluk Todolo
    » 20:45 Sordide
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YEAR OF NO LIGHT (FR) (Down Tempo / Sludge / Post-metal)
"Year Of No Light formed in 2001 in Bordeaux (Fr). With their first album, Nord, YONL have proven adept a shifting seamlessly between genres, balancing post-rock, sludge, somber psychedelics and crushing dark shoegaze. In 2010, now backed by two drums, 3 guitars, the band released its second album, Ausserwelt, oscillating between drone, doom, post-rock, black metal and progressive music."
ALUK TODOLO (FR) (Experimental / Noise / Metal / Occult / Rock)
"ALUK TODOLO is an instrumental power trio performing Occult Rock since 2004. Their music is a methodical exploration of the powers of musical trance. Part occult black metal fend and part snide kraut menace, the band conjures rabid obsessive rhythms and abyssal disharmonic guitars, subliminal spiritualist vibrations and bizarre, magick summonings. ALUK TODOLO reduces psychedelic improvisation to a bare, telluric instrumentation, in which dry, spare percussion grievously mines the scrapes, shrieks and shimmer of mutated guitar and bass. The band’s sound is monolithic and stabbing, hypnotic but unpredictable, minimalist yet teeming: a dangerous, noxious coil of all things black."
SORDIDE (FR) (Black Metal)
Depuis les gouttières humides de Rouen, Sordide crache sa colère désespérée et méprisante dans la langue de Molière avec pour mot d'ordre: Ni Nom, Ni Drapeau! Au départ volontairement brut voire primitif, le style du groupe évolue au fil des albums vers une conception plus personnelle du black metal, tour à tour urgente, vindicative ou introspective.