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Reverend Beat Man & Sister Nicole Izobel Garcia (CH/US) + Garbage Bags + The Merry Banksters

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 » Reverend Beat Man & Sister Nicole Izobel Garcia (CH/US)  (Garage Rock / Blues Punk)
Born in BERN SWITZERLAND 1967 founder of VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS, and on Endless Worldtour eather as One Man band (Lightning Beat-Man Reverend Beat-Man) or with his Companions : The Monsters, die Zorros or the Coronets , played Blues Trash and Dirty Wild Out Of Control NO Top 100 BULLSHIT !!!! Rock'n'roll Wierdo Garage Trash with such bands as : the Monks, die Einstürzenden Neubauten, Neil Young, the Sonics, the Mummies, Guitar Wolf, Prince and many many more in Countrys such as Europe, Japan, America N+S , Australia New Zealand in
Clubs like Reithalle (Bern) CBGB's (NY) Shelter (TOKYO)  ,Festifal Beat (ITALY) etc .
Reverend Beat-Man is not only a Mussissian No he is a Apostel of the Bad Taste a True Preacher in Blues and Trash a Restless Soul that Seeks for a Better Much Brighter and Colourful Home and Neverending
Fighter for the Good and on the Endless Mission to WAKE PEOPLE UP !!!!!   SISTER NICOLE IZOBEL GARCIA
Born and raised in the cookie cutter suburbs LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA : 1991, daughter of an American Harvard alumni and a Mexican lawyer. Nicole found escape in the world of dirty late--night music and parties much too young "Multi---instrumentalist and vocalist.
 Los Angeles has heard the sound of Nicole Izobel's sultry voice crooning 1920's jazz as well as the screeching of her 1960's Farfisa in LIVING SICKNESS a local garage/punkband. Played Shows at Egyptian Theatre, Redwood Bar, Bordello, The Echo, Nicole pops up in
unexpected places. Nicole had a Band together with the One and Only DELANEY DAVIDSON , they played
in  Europe a several times !
 » Garbage Bags   (Rock And Roll)
April 2017, 2 friended couples decide to start a band , out of a fascination for garage style music. Inspired by the wide range of garage music available, they take the most interest in 60's beat garage and 80's trash garage, mixing it with Psychotic Rock ‘n Roll and Punk to produce a own distinctive sound. Aiming to be the filth in Rock ‘n Roll,  Garbage Bags were born.  They played their 1st gig At the Duketown Rebel 2017 after 6 months rehearsing, billed in between the 2 headliners they made a big impression. After some local gigs in Flanders (Belgium) they dived in the Yellow Tape Studio (Ghent) making their first Ep called "You Stink". Inspiration comes mostly from; The Monsters, The Cramps, The Vibes, The Milkshakes, The Sonics, The Johnson Family, Escalators, Sting-Rays, X-Men, the Back From the Grave compilations,  and everything in between.
 » The Merry Banksters   (Rock And Roll)

Kick ass Rock'n'Roll from Bxhell !!!

 + ENTRANCE : 10€
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00
 + ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4: web
    » 22:50  Reverend Beat Man & Sister Nicole Izobel Garcia
    » 21:45  Garbage Bags
    » 20:45  The Merry Banksters
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