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TUESDAY 12.03.2024
A Deer A Horse (US) + het Nieuwe Normaal Hard Rock / Alternative / Rock


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 + PRESALE : 10€ 
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 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00 
 + ORGANIZER: Magasin 4 

    » 21:00 A Deer A Horse
    » 20:00 het Nieuwe Normaal
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A DEER A HORSE (US) (Hard Rock / Rock / Alternative)
A DEER A HORSE from New York City for the first time in Europe.
Bands such as the Melvins, Red Fang and L7 are mentioned as musical neighbors. Heavy, driving drums and bass, guitar fireworks, striking vocals. Above all Angela Phillips, who pushes her bass lines, plaintive as well as nihilistic lyrics with a grim stoner attitude through a mix of doom rock and sludge metal straight in your face. The current album "Grind" was mixed and recorded by Jamie Uertz (ANTHRAX) and Sylvia Massy (TOOL, SYSTEM OF A DOWN)
HET NIEUWE NORMAAL (BE) (Rock / Post Grunge)
HET NIEUWE NORMAAL post-ironic, post-grunge, post-traumatic pop music hailing from a small town in West-Flanders.
The band draws comparisons to contrarian acts with a pop sensibility such as The Breeders, Evil Superstars and Nirvana. 
Heavy, contorted riffs, driving bass and a brand of high octane drumming are alternated with hooky melodies and harmonies. 
A beautifully twisted backdrop for bassist and songwriter Maxime Rouquart's hyper personal blend of anecdotal poetry and apocalyptic imagery.
Inspired by a zeitgeist that's increasingly paranoid, insensitive, exclusive and blind to the echoes of the past.
This fall the group will release the first of two EP's with Sebastian Omerson (Slow Crush, Stake).