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SATURDAY 09.03.2024
Brighter Death Now (SE) + Raison D'être (SE) + Desiderii Marginis (SE) Industrial / Ambient

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Unfortunately due to private reasons, Deutsch Nepal has been forced to withdraw from the upcoming 'Bring In The Night' Tour, however, in our perseverance to ensure that the tour not only continues on as planned but remains a truly special cast of a selection of artists behind some of Cold Meat Industry's finest record releases, we're very now proudly announcing that the tour's formidable replacement is dark ambient maestro Desiderii Marginis. 

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    » 23:10 Brighter Death Now
    » 21:50 Raison D'être
    » 20:30 Desiderii Marginis
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BRIGHTER DEATH NOW (SE) (Industrial / Noise)
Brighter Death Now is the artist name under which Roger Karmanik, the founder of the Swedish record label Cold Meat Industry, releasing death industrial, power electronics and dark ambient music.Whereas early Brighter Death Now recordings tended to be largely instrumental and atmospherically oriented, present-day releases often feature screamed vocals, distorted beyond comprehension. Throughout its history, Karmanik has kept his music's thematic elements focused on such topics as sadism and psychosis.The Great Death trilogy and May All Be Dead have become rare collectors items, and are sought after by many Brighter Death Now fans. Roger Karmanik has been active under other names such as Lille Roger (Swedish for Little Roger) and Bomb The Daynursery.Karmanik closed down Cold Meat Industries around the beginning of 2014 as he expressed that he was suffering mentally and physically from the stress of running the label. By the end of 2014, Karmanik had fully immersed himself within the shroud of Brighter Death Now and announced the creation of his new label Familjegraven whose sole purpose is to release his own projects, including rarities, reissues, and new recordings.
RAISON D'ÊTRE (SE) (Ambient / Drone)
Raison d'être (Sweden) formed in 1991 as a tool of expression with the goal of self-realization. Behind the project is the highly respected and multi-talented sound artist Peter Andersson. For almost three decades now, with a vast number of album releases, raison d'être has been creating music with overwhelming dark ambient drone industrial qualities that left marks on most listeners. In recent years Andersson works mainly with field recordings and acoustic instruments like gongs, cymbals, bells, flutes, piano, various metal plates and string instruments; recorded and manipulated in the digital domain to make the sounds unique and perfected. Raison d'être have become the pinnacle in the dark ambient field and one of the most famous, respected, and influential artists within the genre. A majority of the raison d'être albums were released on the Swedish legendary Cold Meat industry label.'The Empty Hollow Unfolds' album was voted as the single best release in the history of Cold Meat Industry, making it an important milestone and point of reference. Recently Peter Andersson received a recognition award from the state authority The Swedish Arts Grants Committee for his music achievement. Experiencing raison d'être is like diving into the obscure hidden domains of one's inner self. Whether it is like a good dream, or a nightmare is up to you. But this is not all. Peter Andersson host not only one but up to ten other projects representing different sides and sounds of the Andersson character. The most well-known except for raison d'être being Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus, Bocksholm and Atomine Elektrine.
DESIDERII MARGINIS (SE) (Ambient / Industrial / Dark)
Of the Swedish wave of ambient acts from the 1990's, Johan Levin, the mastermind behind Desiderii Marginis, has created and developed his own unique sonic palette merging digital and analogue: melancholic electronica with electroacoustic elements and intravenous rhythms. From early on his music met with positive reactions resulting in albums on legendary Cold Meat Industry label, and Cyclic Law.