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SATURDAY 04.06.2022
Dälek (US) + Cantenac Dagar + Chaos E.T Sexual (FR) Hip Hop / Industrial / Noise
Collectif Mental proudly presents:
A "10 years of shows" celebration with:
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 + PRESALE : 13€ 
 + ENTRANCE : 15€ 
 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00 
 + ORGANIZER: Collectif Mental 

    » 22:30 Dälek
    » 21:25 Cantenac Dagar
    » 20:20 Chaos E.T Sexual
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DÄLEK (US) (Hip Hop / Industrial / Noise)
Forged in the fires of the East Coast underground music scene in the 90s, experimental Hip Hop pioneers, Union City, NJ-based duo Dälek has spent decades carving out a unique niche fusing hardcore Hip Hop, noise and a radical approach to sound. Their brutal sonic temperament pushes rap music’s capacity for noise and protest to some exhilarating conclusions. For their latest and eighth album, Precipice, Dälek unleashes a work that is practically bristling with fury and power. Predominantly the work of the core duo, Will Brooks, aka MC Dälek and Mike Manteca (Mike Mare), Precipice features a guest appearance of Adam Jones of Tool. The striking cover art was done by Paul Romano (Mastodon), and the packaging features the art of Mikel Elam.
CANTENAC DAGAR (Industrial / Folk)
Cantenac Dagar is Stéphane Barascud and Aymeric Hainaux, a post-indus-folk duo built on a limited instrumentation (banjo, human beatbox and k7 player). Together they produce long feverish tracks and a multitude of sounds which are arranged, embedded, withdrawn and form a ritual for the invention of a radical sensibility, a secret music, almost imperceptible, from which emerge long hypnotic forms, hyper raw, rough and borrowed of a great sensuality. The two companions are always on the road and their musical complicity is beautiful to hear. They deliver a music without beginning, a music without end, a tampered bhangra with noise tints which embarks those who throw themselves in it like in a torrent.
CHAOS E.T SEXUAL (FR) (Industrial / Doom / Dub)
Since 2021, the acolytes of Chaos E.T. Sexual represent the French underground with an ambitious music at the crossroads of dub, indus and doom-metal. The result, hybrid, mixes distorted basses, drones, hip-hop rhythms, cold mechanical beats and science-fiction themes. The Parisian trio has just released "Only Human Crust", a third album signed to Chien Noir. This opus punctuated with engaged speeches, draws up an icy retro-futurist decor which perfectly translates the darkness and the tumult of the modern world.