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FRIDAY 08.03.2024
Die Selektion (DE) + Parade Ground + Partikul EBM / Electro / Wave

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 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00 
 + ORGANIZER: Magasin 4 

    » 23:00 Die Selektion
    » 21:45 Parade Ground
    » 20:35 Partikul
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A crowded nightclub. Shrill beats echo through the foggy room, rich synths waft across the space. Suddenly, a sad trumpet sound fills the dancefloor like a ghost: welcome to the world of DIE SELEKTION.Heavy-hearted but hopeful trumpet melodies, German lyrics that make you question your past and future once again, synthesizer sounds in the great tradition of heroes like Depeche Mode, DAF or Nitzer Ebb, combined with hard-hitting drum machines “ this forms the base for DIE SELEKTION's self-proclaimed Prosecco Wave world.After thirteen years of shared band history, two studio albums, a number of singles, EPs and dozens of live shows in over 22 countries worldwide, the bandmembers Luca Gillian, Hannes Rief, Samuel Savenberg and Max Rieger turned DIE SELEKTION into an influential band that manages to bring both goth kids and techno fans onto the same dancefloor with a unique blend of Synth-Pop and Electronic Body Music.Arrived in 2023, the masters of Prosecco Wave are finally back with their third studio album ZEUGE AUS LICHT (out on September 29, 2023), the quartet (which however performs as a duo live) releases a new studio record into the wild and throws a rave on the ruins of the present, somewhere between the apocalypse and the rampant insanity of our times. The news songs expand the sound of the band with an almost casual, elegant diversity. Every single component shines, and an understanding of what makes pop really pop comes through that adds a knowing, ironic glitter to the black nihilism of dark electronic music. With no fear in its heart, DIE SELEKTION heads towards a new chapter. And we're excited for all that comes next.
PARADE GROUND (BE) (Cold Wave / EBM / Synth / Pop)
Parade Ground, composed of two brothers Pierre and Jean-Marc Pauly started performing live in 1981.They were one of the pioneers of the Belgian Cold Wave and Electronic Body Music .
The first single, 'Moan on the sly', was released in 1983 and they remained active until now (however they decided not to release anything between 1988 and 2007, being involved in other artistic projects like novels-writing and plastic art).Their style has evolved during the eighties, passing from an icy and radical cold wave to a more dancing sound with noticeable rythmics and exclusively synthetic melodies mixed up with dreamy visual dadaism.They regularly collaborated with members of belgian band Front 242, were produced by english producer Colin Newman of Wire and wrote and composed on two Front 242 albums in 1994.They toured in various European countries and have been an inspiration for many bands.
A new album 'Rosary' was released in 2007, produced by Patrick Codenys (Front 242).The band are well known for their singular and striking live performances all over Europe ('the choreography of chaos'). The band have recently released several Best of compilation.
PARTIKUL (BE) (Dark-pop / No Wave)
We did start as PARTIKUL, 3 years ago in Brussels. In June 2019 we recorded 4 songs, a EP ( VENUS VIRUS ) released in October 2019, before the pandemia. In spring 2021 we've recorded our first full length album ' Related Memories ' and it came out in October on our label ' Exit does not exist Records ' . We had the chance to shoot our first video ' Curse ' in a manor from a friend and it was a great experience. Just playing some music together and being creative as a couple is already something special for us. We are influenced by bands such as : Siouxie, Boy Harsher, the soft moon, Moon duo, Tuxedomoon, Nitzer Ebb, the Smiths..." here some reviews:" ...In the eighties Belgium was one of the leading countries in the field of electro with bands such as Front 242, The Klinik, Vomito Negro... Today it is still the case. The Brussels band Partikul is one of the standard bearers of the contemporary electro scene. Since 2019, Aly and Stef have been making dark electro influenced by Lydia Lunch, Boy Harsher, Tuxedomoon, Nitzer Ebb, The Smiths, Moon Duo and The Soft Moon... " (" ... Deftly combining icy minimal analog electronics and poignant guitar magnetism, fueled by cold, mechanical industrialized rhythms, Partikul's dark organic and synthetic sound is both dreary and alienating, sharp and danceable... " (" ... As a flavor enhancer, they throw Curse in our faces, a dark wave track with ebm elements such as industrial-sounding synths, mechanical drums and a bass like a demolition hammer... " (« ... If your body doesn't react to this manic electro jackhammer consult your doctor and ask for an adrenaline injection. This non-stop synth steamroller goes 100 miles per hour without looking back. No brakes, full steam ahead. The fast and the furious for some explosive dance floor action. A crushing curse you'll embrace with both arms while pirouetting yourself dizzy... »