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SATURDAY 02.10.2021
Verset Zero + Iron Sight (DK) + Excuseexcuse + Ireen Amnes (UK) Industrial / Noise / Electro / Dark / Ambient
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VERSET ZERO (Industrial / Electro)
The secret verse of the Holy Bible.
IRON SIGHT (DK) (Electro / Noise)
EXCUSEEXCUSE (BE) (Electro Punk / Lo-Fi)
Excuseexcuse is a pact between the Devil and 2 persons to whom he gave immortality. Now, they're free to push their limits without ever caring of any other realities that the one they're looking for. It has been sometimes aggressive and provocative but also tender or dancing. And if anybody got hurt by Excuseexcuse, that's Lucifer's doing.

The originality of Excuseexcuse comes from the 2 bands in which Jeremie and Stephane were playing both ; Shelby , an electronica kind of music, and Rodeo Machine, group of metal pop electro, sounds like something in between The Blood Brother and An Albatross. But fast, they got the common need to realize a music and a way of playing that they didn't find anywhere else.

At start, one composed and the other one sang. Then, very fast, everything mixed. The homogeneity of the sound comes more from the way to compose that from the style and the kind of music.

The recording is always very spontaneous and direct, they don't know how to do otherwise anyway. And that gives a lo-fi tint to the pieces, and a directory with atmospheres heavily varied and contrasted, oscillating between electro, hiphop, emo, blues and hardcore..

Excuseexcuse already got the opportunity to play in very different places ; from stages well equipped to adventurous squats, even in certain sharpest exhibitions of contemporary art, the will to be there, really there, has always been present
IREEN AMNES (UK) (Electro)
Ireen Amnes is a producer, DJ and founder of the London collective Under My Feet.