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June of 44 (US) + kassei Post Hard Core / Math Rock

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00 
 + ORGANISOR: Magasin 4 

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JUNE OF 44 (US) (Post Hard Core / Math Rock)
June of 44 first began work for what would become Engine Takes to the Water in New York City in the fall of 1994.   The band toured extensively and reached as far as Australia. Often referred to as the punk rock pirates of the math rock world, June of 44 were a collective from 1994–2000. All the members were living in different cities at the time. This seminal band created music that ranged from experimental jazz to ambient dub to angular post punk.   Debut album Engine Takes to the Water (1995) drew comparisons with both Slint and Will Oldham. The following year's Tropics and Meridians saw the band compared to Tortoise and The For Carnation. Drummer Doug Scharin had started HiM as a side project, which sometimes also featured bassist Fred Erskine, and Scharin also later started the avant-garde band Out in Worship. Meadows also had a side project, forming Sonora Pine with Tara Jane O'Neill. June of 44 released three further albums, incorporating more electronics and jazz influences, before the band split up in 1999.   Members: Fred Erskine - bass guitar Sean Meadows - vocals, guitar Jeff Mueller - vocals, guitar Doug Scharin - drums   Studio albums: Engine Takes to the Water (1995) Tropics and Meridians (1996) Four Great Points (1998) Anahata (1999)   Live albums: In the Fishtank 6 (1999) "South East Boston" / "Dexterity of Luck" (2001)   EPs: The Anatomy of Sharks (1997)
KASSEI (BE) (Math Rock / Postrock)