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SATURDAY 23.03.2024
Otto Von Schirach (US) + AMBASSADOR21 (BY) + Fractional Electronic


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 + ORGANIZER: Magasin 4 

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Otto Von Schirach is a Multi-disciplinary Multimedia experimental artist & musician that uses video, performance art, and original music to play live shows globally. I have released forty eight albums, EPs, and singles since 1998 through Ipecac Records, Schematic Records, Monkeytown Records, and currently my own imprint Bermuda Triangle Records. Annually, I play over a hundred shows throughout the United States, South America, Asia, and Europe. I have collaborated with many noted musicians and artists to create multi-disciplinary work for the last two decades. In 2012, the Borscht Film Festival financed my short film Pineal Warriors which I wrote, directed, and starred in. In 2014, I was a finalist for the Miami Arts Challenge, an initiative that finances local artists with transformative ideas for the community. Furthermore, I was awarded the Adrienne Arsht Center Mastermind award for outstanding achievement in arts and culture. My music has been commissioned by many museums, most recently Young At Arts Museum and MOCA. In 2019, I was commissioned by the Young At Arts Museum to create an interactive multi media sculpture in their Fall exhibit, "ArtCade". Since 2001, I have headlined and played festivals internationally. Among them are Fusion Fest and Melt Fest in Germany, Dour Festival in Belgium, BangFace in England, Elevate in Austria, Todaysart Festival and Bloodshed in Holland, Astropolis in France, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and SxSw in Texas. For twenty five years, I have been a full time musician and artist creating innovative work that dares to push boundaries and heal communities.
AMBASSADOR21 (BY) (Electronic / Experimental / Industrial / Metal)
Natasha A Twentyone – voice, electronics, lyricsAlexey Protasov – voice, electronics, musicAMBASSADOR21, the often imitated but never equaled industrial duo from Belarus. Throughout the past years, Natasha A Twentyone and Alexey Protasov have clearly put their mark on the industrial scene with their harsh, relentless sound and their explosive live performances. And it doesn’t look like their reign of domination is about to end soon. But what would you expect from a band that has the punk-attitude flowing through their veins and lives in the same sick and twisted world you do? AMBASSADOR21 always balance on the edge, their music is a breaking point, where industrial, hardcore, metal and breakbeat blend together in a unique apocalyptic mix.All their lives Natasha A Twentyone and Alexey Protasov have been associated with music, been involved with local punk bands from their teenage years. Later they became well-known radio DJs on the biggest commercial station in Belarus, still they continued to promote all kinds of alternative music. Then one day they just decided to stop all other work, not be part of the system and be only musicians. Independence is not the easiest way, but the choice was made. In 2001 AMBASSADOR21 was born and released few singles and their debut album “Invitation For Execution” – absolutely angry, weird and very political record, which was highly marked by well-known belarussian and russian alternative music media.During AMBASSADOR21 existence they released bunch of full-length albums, EPs and lots of tracks and remixes for Invasion (band’s own record label), Metropolis, Hands, Ant-Zen, Pflichtkauf, Audiotrauma, Out Of Line, PRSPCT, Industrial Strength, Vendetta Music and more. AMBASSADOR21 playing live since 2003. They toured a lot and performed at many festivals and many gigs in France, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and Belarus. In celebration of their 15th Anniversary, AMBASSADOR21 released “Human Rage” (CD / 2CD / Picture LP), which was highly marked by fans and media.In 2018 band played very special show AMBASSADOR21 vs. SUICIDE INSIDE (A21 members side-project) at the last chapter of one of the most iconic industrial music festivals – Maschinenfest (Oberhausen, Germany). This performance has been recorded and released as official live album “Life Is Mortal Art” in the beginning of 2019.In 2019 NETFLIX used AMBASSADOR21 track in the official trailer of “Love Death + Robots” show by Tim Miller and David Fincher.
FRACTIONAL (BE) (Breakcore / Electro)
“Fractional is a quiet a quiet young man called Pierre. His music can be qualified as Gothic Erotica I guess, a dark and brooding Electronica with a strong Jungle aftertaste. Pierre literally vomits his brokenbeats and tortures them to submission, waxing them with various bleeps and crackles, smearing almost mystical pads on their bruised bodies”