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FRIDAY 26.11.2021
Siglo XX + The Arch Cold Wave

entrance conditions = cst + mask

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 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00 
 + ORGANIZER: Dark Independent Bookings 

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SIGLO XX (BE) (Cold Wave)
40 years ago punk was taking Belgium by storm. Just about anyone could grab an instrument and start pounding away on it. And that’s exactly what we did in our neighbourhood in Genk with Siglo XX, which is the name of a mine in Bolivia by the way, but we chose it mainly because we thought the Xs were so cool. We kept on doing this for 13 years: making music, over and over again, different every time, but always true to ourselves, stubborn, defying trends and great expectations. We recorded albums that sold internationally and we toured Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Hungary. For some reason we struck a chord with a broader audience and they kept on following us through the years - and still do - and they’ve been joined by a younger crowd that is catching on to us through the Internet. Because 40 is quite a respectable age, Onderstroom Records is re-releasing the first three Siglo XX 12-inches, remastered but with the original artwork. These records, which have become collector’s items over the years, will be available separately and in a boxed edition. And since music belongs on stage - Siglo XX’s music is no exception - the band will be performing live again ... On Saturday, May 19th 2018 Siglo XX will be playing as headliner an exclusive concert at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival in Leipzig. After 40 years we declare louder than ever: “So that life does not kill us and death finds us alive!”
THE ARCH (BE) (New Wave)
Friends before a band.  Passion before anything else. Small town roots. Big ambition. Love your heroes. Kill your darlings. Never settle. Sweat. Work. Delete. Search. Find. Repeat. Obsess. Discuss. Release. Get snobbed. Get misunderstood. Get underground. Dissapear. Come back. With a vengeance. Conquer the world. One devoted fan at the time. Heroes abroad. Aliens at home. Love music. Love live. ROCK THE MACHINES. RIDE THE WAVE. Give goosebumps to the electronic body. Angelic voices. Tortured screams. Ripping riffs. Organic synths. Burning beats. Deep reflections cloaked in black. Shine a light on darker souls. Give everything you’ve got. Get even more in return. Grow for 30 years. Don’t get big. Don’t care. Don’t change. Don’t stop. If we’re in, we wanna be out, if we’re out, we wanna be in. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. WE ARE THE ARCH.