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SATURDAY 07.09.2024
Sépulcre (FR) + Profanation (FR) + Abysmal Descent Death Metal

Temple Fire Productions proudly presents the Temple Fire festival.

A gathering and celebration of underground Death Metal in the heart of Belgium at the legendary Magasin 4 venue, currently located in Anderlecht.

Birthed through unyeilding passion and a lack of these kind of international events in the genre (in Belgium at least!) we've decided to invite a contemporary mix of newer and more renowned artists in the genre which will be revealed to you in the coming weeks. As well as the final poster and more information concerning this event.

So mark your calendars for september 7th and come celebrate the Temple Fire!

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SÉPULCRE (FR) (Death Metal)
Arisen from the ashes of Demonic Oath and comprised of veterans from the French scene this band summons only the most dreadful of what the genre has to offer. With a stellar demo and EP of the same high quality behind them, both released through the excellent Invictus Productions, the band is working on their first full-length album and we can't wait until it takes form and devours us all here at Temple Fire Productions! But for now, to ease the hunger of anticipation for this deathly debut, we've invited them over so we can feast on their live emanations at this gathering!You can listen to both the demo and EP at their official bandcamp
PROFANATION (FR) (Death Metal)
Hailing from France, they have been crafting their sonic warfare since 2022 and are now ready to take it to the masses with their upcoming EP "Skull Crushing Violence" to be released next month on Iron Bonehead Productions. We at Temple Fire Productions have witnessed their unforgiving onslaught live and can assure you they will leave no man standing!In the words of Iron Bonehead concerning the EP:
“Hailing from France’s ever-thriving Death Metal scene, Profanation are a new band of old souls. The quartet create a vile, ultraviolent DEATH METAL in a most ancient manner. Like the unholy offspring of Hadez and Necrovore with more than a hint of the eldritch grind of Terrorizer and England’s Doom, Profanation whip forth a fury like few others. Everything on this release goes into the red, as it SHOULD! Want 666% ARRRGGGHHH?!? Profanation give it to you with Skull Crushing Violence!”.You can already listen to 2 tracks from the upcoming EP on their official bandcamp
"ABYSMAL DESCENT is a new Death Metal entity emerging from Brussel’s swamp of death. Forged from the ashes of Dehuman by R.S., L.L. (Putrid Offal, Echo Solar Void, Terrifiant) and M.D. (Echo Solar Void). this triumvirate of darkness has conjured a harrowing requiem of death metal that looms ominously in the shadows. R.M. (Neptunian Maximalism) and A.L. (Saqra’s Cult) soon joined the macabre orchestra to add abyssal bass-lines and old school laments on this dripping death music. Inspired by mighty bands of the genre such as Immolation, Morbid Angel and Incantation, ABYSMAL DESCENT is a relentless onslaught of gloomy malevolence. In May, they shall enter the studio to capture their primal fury on their inaugural EP, a sonic testament to the darkness that dwells within the abyss."