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SATURDAY 05.03.2022
The Legendary Pink Dots (NL) Psychedelic / Industrial / Progressive
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 + OPENING HOUR : 20:00 
 + ORGANISOR: Durbuy Rock Festival 

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THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (NL) (Psychedelic / Industrial / Progressive)
I'll never forget the day I turned 30. Sure there were plenty of cards, balloons , bottles of wine, a good curry  and , significantly , sympathy. However it was a traumatic day... I wasn't going to let go of my youth so easily. After all, the Legendary Pink Dots was still young and there was so much fun to be had. Roll over the years and now the Dots have turned 30 and I have turned to cheap hair dye  and it has been traumatic but in a way we least expected. Halfway through our anniversary tour, two long term members (Niels van Hoorn and Martijn De Kleer) left the band and suddenly the Dots were staring at what could have been an uncertain future. That's where the balloons and good bottles of wine come in. The real anniversary began with Erik Drost rejoining the Dots after a brief period in the band a few years ago. He is simply one of the most inventive guitar players on the planet. Next came the album, "Seconds Late for the Brighton Line" (ROIR). It took one very intense month. Hearts and minds... I hate that expression but this album has that quality. Then came a long tour of North America. 30 dates ! We were nervous that audiences would reject what was effectively a trio onstage where once 6 people had been.  Actually they embraced the new Dots. In reality we never talk about that anniversary these days.The Legendary Pink Dots is a NEW band , fresh as a Spring breeze in February. Of course ,Edward Ka-Spel (voice) , the Silverman (keys, devices) and Raymond Steeg  have been there all along- just don't ask them their ages. It's impolite anyhow. EDWARD KA-SPEL