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Total Chaos (US) + Justify All Means (NL) + Social Retards Punk

!!! Curfew : 10 pm !!

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 + ENTRANCE : 10€ 
 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00 
 + ORGANIZER: Magasin 4 

    » 21:00 Total Chaos
    » 20:05 Justify All Means
    » 19:15 Social Retards
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Thirty years ago in Pomona Valley, California, was the birth of Total Chaos. Created out of the desperate need to save a dying genre of punk rock, during a time that the market was saturated with a more commercial new style. It was more important than ever to express their social and political views. The idea of social responsibility was a significant thing, from organizing peace punk picnics, to protesting against the gulf war, their music had a meaning and stood for something. Over the years, the band has seen many things come and go, but they have stuck to their original ideals. Whether you are pop punk, street punk, hardcore punk, straight edge, political punk, goth punk, skate punk, crust punk, metal punk, or whatever box they try to put you in, Total Chaos unites you all into one scene: PUNK ROCK!
Founded in 2014, Justify All Means was formed by four guys who just wanted to play some music. After a few changes in their line-up they are currently playing with Bouke Winters (Vocals), Mike Vorderman (Guitar), Geordy van Velzen (Bass) and Robert-Paul Dokter (Drums).   Justify All Means is a four piece hardcore punk formation hailing from Hengelo (The Netherlands), which stands for up-tempo songs, an energetic live performance and powerful lyrics.   The band was founded by Iban, Marijn and Mike, who added Bouke as their vocalist. After a few months former bassist Marijn left the band and Geordy filled the position. In 2015 they recorded their '4-track demo' which they released a little while after recording. Just after the recordings were finished former drummer Iban left the band. After a few tough months they finally found current drummer Robert-Paul.   In the beginning of 2016 they played their first show and they're ready for more!
SOCIAL RETARDS (BE) (Hardcore / Punk)
Social Retards, an angry punk band from BxHell. We can say that its genre is influenced by the British street punk and Oi! wave from the early 80’s. The american HxC is also very present in their compositions.
But what you need to remember about SR is, it’s a family before a band. And this family is more than expendable. They consider all of their fans to belong to this family! The Retards family! And the most important thing to do at their shows is to enjoy and party with them during and after the show. Oi!