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WEDNESDAY 13.03.2024
Zahn (DE) + Wholes Experimental / Rock


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 + OPENING HOUR : 19:00 
 + ORGANIZER: Magasin 4 

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    » 19:40 Wholes
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ZAHN (DE) (Experimental / Noise Rock / Instrumental)
German post“modern noise rock ensemble ZAHN present their second full“length album »Adria«, an 80“minute“long journey into the heart of classic European holiday culture. »Adria« offers a bold escape from your daily life through technicolor transmissions of post“rock, krautrock, dark jazz, noise“rock, post“punk and electronic music. Influenced by the likes of TRANS AM, THE JESUS LIZARD, METZ, THE MELVINS and TORTOISE »Adria« is a compelling soundtrack to a 1980's anti“ utopian road movie!Found on stickers on the backs of millions of camper vans crossing Europe each summer, the word »Adria« has become synonymous with the magic of going on holiday for many generations of continental plebeians. It represents a mythical destination with the promise of leisure, but also an arduous road journey and a healthy dose of exhaust fumes. Like watching the sun set over a shabby highway restaurant or eating a melting popsicle next to a dirty campsite pool, »Adria« offers the perfect balance of blandness and heaviness.Consisting of Chris Breuer (HEADS., ex“THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE), Nic Stockmann (HEADS.) and Felix Gebhard (MUFF POTTER, live“EINSTüRZENDE NEUBAUTEN), ZAHN stands in the progressive tradition of musicians from a local scene working together on albums and exploring new grounds regardless of the respective bands they became known for. With a debut album that was recorded in only two days, this trio revealed an insatiable thirst for creation and boundless ambition in rhythm and texture.With »Adria« ZAHN have chosen the scenic route to create a collection of vivid sonic vistas, juxtaposing their noise rock roots with healthy doses of a variety of genres. »Zebra« opens the album like an otherworldly elevator overture faintly echoing the chirping sound of crickets in the warm evening wind, »Faser« stretches out like a highway marrying noisy krautrock textures with remote mathrock elements. Meanwhile, album“closer »Idylle« could easily fit on a soundtrack album to a lost David Lynch motion picture.
WHOLES is what remains after a soul has exploded, impacting those around it, no longer restrained; a pitch-black fusion of Gilla Band, David Bowie, Bill Orcutt, Melvins, and Igor Stravinsky, shaped from elements of Elefant, Pink Room, and kolektiv. WHOLES is the sound of a scar.